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The Crooked City is a science fiction novel published in May 2014. This is where you can find out about the book and get the links to buy it. I sell DRM-free copies directly if you don't want to use Amazon or Google services. 

The Crooked City

Jonah doesn’t want to run–he has to. There’s only so much pain one man can cause before he needs to start over. Unstuck from his tainted past, he craves the anonymity he can only achieve by vanishing like a specter in the night.

Before his new life is even underway, a chance encounter leaves him in possession of a curious object–something the mysterious Keepers of The Oracle will kill to obtain, but there’s more to the Keepers than Jonah could possibly imagine. They have the ability to do much worse than kill, and now he's in their sights. 

The Keepers wield power unlike anything Jonah has ever seen, and they’re closing in fast. He’s placed a new group of innocents in danger this time, and he can’t run away again.


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I retain copyright of The Crooked City, but I have chosen not to include DRM on the book. Try to be cool about it.

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