Hi there. I'm a freelance science and technology journalist based out of Saint Paul, MN. Although, with the magic of the internet, does it really matter where I live?

I currently write for ExtremeTech, Android Police, The Wirecutter, and others. In the past, I've been a featured writer for Maximum PC, Tested.com, Tom’s Hardware, Geek.com, Business Insider, and PC Mag. I'm always looking for new opportunities to write for interesting organizations. My main focus is on smartphones, geek culture, mechanical keyboards, and mobile technology in general. I have particularly extensive knowledge of Android and the issues surrounding that platform. I review apps and mobile devices often, as well.

Not only do I bring extensive technology knowledge to the table, I was a biotech research scientist for a number of years. I have the experience to cover science in an effective and engaging way. I regularly write about advances in biology, space/astronomy, chemistry, materials science, and physics. Drop me a line if you'd like me to write for you. 

I also published a science fiction novel in 2014 called The Crooked City. You can pick up a copy from this site,  Amazon (print and Kindle), or Google Play. I don't use DRM on any version of the book, so take your pick.